Valerie Feghali

Doctor of Physical Therapy,
Board Certified Health Coach,
Certified Holistic Nutritionist,
Certified Yoga Instructor

Prior to pursuing a career in nutrition and health coaching, I worked as a physical therapist for nine years in various settings including sports medicine, orthopedics, bariatric health, and home care. I have worked with countless patients suffering from chronic illness, chronic inflammation, and pain. I always felt there was a gap in the health care model and in my treatments as a physical therapist. This gap was nutrition counseling and lifestyle counseling. I have taken it upon myself to fill the gap. I believe in treating clients as a whole, rather than looking at isolated symptoms and "diagnoses". The health care model today often treats the acute symptoms without looking for the cause, which can lead to further illness and continued pain. I believe in an integrative approach to wellness, incorporating healthy eating habits, exercise prescription, and self care routines. I provide one-on-one treatment sessions for each client to assure an individualized program is designed and maintained. My passion is for helping people achieve optimal wellness leading to a life filled with joy.