Welcome Mama! 

So, first things first. Before starting the 4 week postpartum workout program:

1) Watch the welcome video.

2) Complete the prerequisites (see below). This is SO important. Do not skip this step. This could take a few weeks but is all part of strengthening and getting back to your fit self after childbirth. These core stability exercises are a must to remind your body how to recruit the deep core stabilizers and avoid injury. 

3) Watch the perfect your form video (see below).

4) Complete the 4 week postpartum workout program, YAY!

5) When you are done....we have more for you! If you are ready for the next level and you want more workouts, email valerie@embody-wellness.com

Prerequisite: Core Stability Training

Level 1 

Level 2

Level 3

Perfect Your Form